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Thanks for stopping by! This site is dedicated to amateur radio "ham" operators — specifically those who enjoy talking to other operators in far-flung places around the world. This type of operating is called "Chasing DX" or "Working DX", and hams who chase DX are called "DX-ers". Hams who live and operate from distant countries are known as "The DX" or "DX", and are the object of the chase!

So whether you are a seasoned or beginning DX-er, or perhaps simply curious about this exciting world of DX, this site is just for you! Here you will find an amazing wealth of resources. We're betting you will find at least one new idea that will give you that "slight edge" as you continue your quest — working DX!

So, feel free to poke around. Enjoy your visit.

The CCDXC Endorses the DX Code of Conduct!

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DX Code of Conduct

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